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9. QTake VideoAssist with Stream Rental

9. QTake VideoAssist with Stream Rental

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    Qtake is an advanced video assist software program that can provide solutions ranging from simple playback to on set previsualization. Our system offers a touchscreen user interface and can be used to log, capture, playback, edit, and process video files as well as certain metadata. Media is stored in an easy to recall browser and can be swiftly cut together or compared. For matching shots there is a compositing function that allows for realtime overlaying, keying, and various wipes. Audio can be recorded down the SDI line and played back immediately after cutting camera. In addition to being user friendly qtake can preform tasks such as simple editing or colour correction. With the implementation of the streaming module you can broadcast live video to iPads and iPhones on set decreasing crowding around monitors. This is a standalone system that can be set to auto record 2 cameras so you’ll never miss a take.


    •    Instantly Record, Playback, Edit audio/video
    •    Battery operation for run and gun scenarios
    •    Touchscreen user interface for easy operation
    •    Real time compositing of green screen effects
    •    Custom layouts for simple to complex operation
    •    Live streaming to ipad/iphone devices on set
    •    Simple browser to recall and access files
    •    Easily recall scenes, takes, bookmarks
    •    Capture and export metadata and add notes to pdf clip reports for post
    •    Import/Export media to/from qtake for comparison
    •    Auto record feature allows for standalone operation with many camera models
    •    Record embedded audio from the SDI line
    •    Record metadata and export clip reports
    •    Live keying, wiping, compositing
    •    Apply colour correction
    •    Import/Export/Apply LUTs
    •    Many stereoscopic features
    •    Routing of 16×16 HD/SDI channels

    More info: www.macwelldigital.com